Friday, February 14, 2014

its been a while my friend.

well, well, well... we meet again.

i almost feel like i should start a new blog all together. 
so much has changed in our quaint little life. 

for starters...
this little cutie happened.

whoa you say... yep, i fell off the earth or i got busy.
(yes, i realize the handful of people that actually read this blog knew that we had a baby...
just go with it.)

short version?
we got pregnant last january.
josh (we) graduated seminary in may.
we moved home to rocky mount in june. 
we had a cute baby in october.
josh took a job with a church plant here in town in january.

well, that about sums it up. see you later! ;)
nahhh... i said i was back remember.

so what do you want to know details about?
mmm... im guessing the cute baby right.

well, i had never blogged about this before because it was too personal at the time...
but we had been trying to get pregnant for 18 months when we finally got the right combo of blue lines on the precious piece of plastic. and ill save all those details for another post because you may quit reading unless you hang in there and finish reading the post next year in a few hours. 

J was due on September 28th but he didn't want to be born in the same month as his dear mom. So after 20 million (no exaggeration) appointments the doctor finally decided to induce me on October 5 because our little one didn't want to come on his own. I went in at 6 am and "hopped" into a bed I wouldn't want to leave. [no for real, we really wanted to move into room 222.]

I was in labor with J for 19 hours and only dilated 6 cm's. Now you don't have to be an expert to know what that means... okay maybe you don't know what that means because my dear husband wouldn't have known a couple years ago. My friends, it means a csection for me. (it could mean other things technically)

I was devastated. Josh was devastated. I cried. He cried. Our family cried for us.  

Now you are probably saying... "wow, you are being dramatic." But for us, this was absolutely what we didn't want and the very reason we had 2 induction dates canceled. I wanted to do this on my own. I even begged the doctor to let me do it when he suggested a cesarean. But for my safety and J's, this is what the doctor thought was best. I remember being more terrified as i wheeled into the operating room than i had ever been. I cried during the whole prep time. the doctor comforted me, the anesthesiologist comforted me, and the nurses comforted me. by time my husband came in, i was good and drugged so he just enjoyed loopy mccaffity.

when they took out our sweet boy, their words were "whoa he is big!" and to define big for you... 10 pounds 2 ounces and 21 1/4 inches long.

unfortunately, my memory will always be hazy from those midnight hours. but i can tell you my husband and our families have memories and well documented them with pictures on my phone. i love hearing new things every time someone replays those two days out loud. 

I am so thankful for J's safety and for my safety. I am thankful for the wisdom of the doctors. But most importantly, I am thankful for God having the whole situation planned and in His control even if its not what I expected. 

Today we have a huge baby boy who is growing by the second. 
no really, we got two teeth this week at four months and we are 21 pounds already. 

we couldn't imagine our life without J and are so thankful everyday for this miracle that we never thought would happen! 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

iphone update

now dont freak out. this isnt my foot.
its my friend hannah's. but how awesome is this tat?

again inside the marriage of josh and mccaffity.

this awesome package arrived at work the other day.
best cheesecake ever my friends.
thanks to our flatbed agent.

this little buddy arrived last friday.
what up awesome music!
even though the note on a chipotle napkin is a little cruel.

on friday we drove to mississippi to see our friends get married.
(and rented a baller black tahoe... which is my new love!)
you know what they have in tennessee and mississippi?
(well... and most of the south)
what up awesome food!

here are the pictures we took at the wedding. 
mason jar drink glasses and us.
now granted this picture was taken at the hotel when we got back, 
and if you make it big you can see how tired we are...
and im pretty sure you can see how bad my feet hurt in my face.

we made a day out of our trip back.
we stopped at Union University, 
which is where our friends Nathan, Kelly, and Carter went to school.

then we hit some really bad rain storms,
watched movies in the car, 
and ate sour patch kids.

we also stopped at Local Taco for dinner in Nashville.
Local Taco is amazing. 
If you are ever in Nashville TN you should stop and eat some great food.
and you should drink cheerwine, 
every where you go in the south.
what up local NC drink that is soooo good and tasty. :)

and just for your viewing pleasure. 
the louisville sunset over the bridge to indiana.

this girl knows how to make my week oh so bright. 
i get a postcard from Sydney and an exciting text. 
both made me squeal!

and speaking of excited! this was on my chickfila tray the other night.
who is excited about the first game of the season?
this girl is! yeayeayea

Thursday, August 2, 2012


we have alot of catching up to do, don't we? :)
and fyi... the below aren't in correct order.

so les and lacey came to visit.
and they announced they are PREGNANT!
yayyyy! my first non biological niece or nephew.
she is due March 13th. im going to start packing my hospital bag now.

then this cutie had a birthday.
a girl at work  was so excited that she made a birthday hat for his picture (the tie is a norm accessory). then we went to chickfila, had cupcakes, and went bowling.
yes he turned 5, not 25. :)

below you will find some pretty awesome things...
aka my favorites
here we have...
group texting
star ice cubes
nc state cups
diet coke

all of these are really great things.
oreo blizzard for lunch.
and i may have locked my keys in the car at work.
but just may have!
more summer concerts.
and yes, our dear friend Easton Corbin asked to take a picture with us.

after two years of marriage, i decided to be a housewife and start ironing.
imagine how excited my husband was to preach in ironed clothes. :)

again, these are awesome things.
the email is a sneak peak into our relationship. the email from me was an incredibly kind email asking j to clean because we were having a going away party at our house that night. please note response. :) oh how i love our sarcastic wit. 
the last picture is from a presh little book called "101 things to do in Alabama."
im so ready for football season. this is my calendar at work. just so i dont forget some really important games. 
i would like to take this moment to say GO PACK, ROLL TIDE ROLL, and GO TIGERS! :)

and then we had an anniversary.
clearly you can tell its date night... 
one of the few times i do anything to my hair and put my makeup on in the house. 
and the best anniversary present josh could ever give me...
he doesnt let me eat in the bed, but i got to on Tuesday. 
and we watched Duck Dynasty while enjoying frozen sugary milk. :)

oh, he knows how to make this girl so happy!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

two years

this past tuesday we celebrated our two year anniversary. 
its hard to believe we have been married for two years.

in two short years we have:
lived in 3 different apartments
lived in two states
become a seminary student/wife
have a nephew on the way
made big plans for our future
made some really awesome friends
started ironing... :)
and so many more things...
both little and small.

we cherish these two years we have been given with each other.

july 24, 2010

july 24, 2011

july 24, 2012 

cant wait for many more! :)

i love you joshua brooks wester.
i couldn't ask for better.